Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Whitsundays - bruised but still beautiful

The weather has been lovely as we sailed up from Curlew Island through Digby Island, Carlisle Island, Goldsmith Island, and Windy Bay on Haslewood Island, one of the eastern-most of the Whitsundays. This area was extensively trashed by Cyclone Debbie in March, with a lot of damage done.

There was plenty of destruction to see, but it is all still lovely.

Broken pines on Haslewood Island

Islet near Whitehaven Beach

Dune on Whitehaven Beach

Defiant Whitsunday cairn

Shipwreck in Cid Harbour

Shipwreck in Nara Inlet

Fresh growth on a cycad in Nara Inlet

Backpackers still coming

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