Monday, January 1, 2018

Woodford festival

We sometimes do things other than sailing, and have some photos to share.

Between Boxing Day and the New Year, there is a music festival near a small town called Woodford about an hour north of Brisbane. We go most years for a spell, and sometimes the whole six days. Its got gradually more sophisticated and comfortable. Sometimes it rains, and sometimes it can be pretty hot.

But is always a lot of fun. 

A whimsical vibe

This year we went with six other families and got a particularly good campsite, basically a clearing with shady trees and only one other caravan in it.

This is a video from a previous year.

Woodford Folk Festival

More videos from previous Woodfords here, and here.

A big shady tarp

A few aging hippies

Dawne and George

George and Rose

Glenn and Emerson

Rocky the Welshman

Rocky and Gail


The Opening Ceremony

The lake at night


Acrobatic display

Shaded streets. This one had a mist sprinkler to cool us down

Ashley Mannix of Little Georgia

Justin Carter of Little Georgia

John Butler and his wife Mama Kim

John Thompson and Martin Pearson run a comedy show every morning. Hilarious!

Mr Percival

Darren Percival is a much loved singing instructor who draws people together and encourages bonding by singing together. He leads a very moving workshop.

Reminiscent of encounter groups in the 1980s

A folkie jam session in the Cooper's Bar

The Turner Brown Band

We have followed the Backsliders, a top blues band for many years. The lead guitarist is Dom Turner, possibly Australia's top blues guitarist. Their drummer, Rob Hirst, is also in Midnight Oil, one of Australia's iconic rock bands. See a short video of Rob Hirst in action here. The Oils are currently on tour, and Dom Turner has teamed up with an American band led by Nikki Brown, a lap-slide guitarist, to form the Turner Brown Band. Amazing! 

Nikki Brown

Vance Gilbert, an American singer, who came to Austinville Hall as part of the Festival of Small Halls

Vaudeville Smash working a crowd

'Made up of three brothers and two mates, no other Australian band sounds like 'em. An explosion of funk, flute, sax, synth and groove, the dance floor is packed at a VAUDEVILLE SMASH gig.'

William Crichton

Street Entertainers


Light reflected in a pond